I experienced 2 extremes during my childhood. At times, it was filled with love, family and adventure. Other times it was marred with abuse, addiction, neglect and poverty.  I carried all of these traits into adulthood and developed some new (destructive) ones.

In my twenties after a failed marriage, I immersed myself in work. It was common to work a 12 hour day, on top of a 4 hour commute. Achieving and performing became my new addiction. In 2012, I left the corporate world, purchased a small business and moved to a new town. But “we take ourselves with us, wherever we go”.

At 34, the relationship I was in ended painfully. Although I was satisfied professionally, I seemed incapable of having healthy relationships. And so the real work began.

I entered a 12 step program and re-entered therapy. During that time I began to practice yoga.

In 2015 I entered a 200 hour Teacher Training program at a Baptiste affiliated yoga studio. During the training, I was introduced to meditation.  I continued my Meditation and Ayurveda education through the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.

I’ve found, that many of us experience the same struggles. We use control, perfectionism, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, exercise, work, etc to band aid the wounds from past relationships and painful experiences. We present fabricated versions of our life on social media, when in fact, what we feel is far from the smiley face emoji.

 Yoga and Meditation have given me access to clear old stories, forgive and let things go. They opened up a new way of being for me. I am passionate about teaching yoga and meditation because these tools have changed my life.

I hope you'l join me for a class, workshop or personal coaching session soon. 



-200 Hour RYT
Chopra Center
-Perfect Health and Ayurveda Certified Teacher
-Primordial Sound Meditation Certified Teacher
-First Degree
Baptiste Institute
-Level One & Art of Assisting
-Level One & CrossFit Kids
Africa Yoga Project
-Seva Safari (Jul 2017)

B.A. Organizational Mgmt-Bethany University
A.A. San Jose City College
CA Real Estate License #02027480
Insurance Licenses-P&C, L&H
Securities License-Series 6, 63, 51 & 26