Here, smell this!

I am late to the essential oil party! I admit it. But now that I’m here, let’s PARTY!

I was introduced to essential oils and aroma therapy at Journey into Healing. Journey into Healing is a 6 day live event hosted by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA. It was a life changing event for me, and I recommend you check it out. (Medical CE’s for the docs.)

There were over 300 people at the event from 30 different countries. The Chopra center does a beautiful job translating for non-English speaking guests, so several were wearing translators. And here in lies the problem for my type A, high strung, judgmental, impatient Pitta brain. (We’ll talk about the “Pitta” thing soon.}

Some of the volumes were maxed out. I felt like I was sitting next to my 92 year old Oma trying to watch the Bachelor. Occasionally, one of the guests would “whisper” to the other, forgetting they had their translator on. So, the whisper was more of a yell!

It happened during one of Deepak Chopra’s lectures, I almost lost my mind. Instead of moving to a different seat, I thought I’d stick it out. I’d started meditating 2 months earlier; I figured this would be a good test for my now hippie dippie, zen, more evolved brain. It was not. I became more annoyed every minute that.

Alas, the answer came. One of the speakers gave a lecture on healing, using the 5 senses. I was particularly interested in healing through scent. The author discussed that certain scents are soothing, invigorating, or pacifying. Sign me up.

On one of the breaks I went out to the lobby and bought a “soothing” essential oil. I returned to my seat armed with my essential oil and ready to further my path to enlightenment.

The next speaker took the stage. Dr. Dean Ornish from the University of San Francisco. (I was so excited!) 2 minutes into his talk the women in front of me began “whispering”…I picked up the oil, put a dab behind each ear and waited.

They kept talking. I grabbed the oil again, rubbed some on my temples and the back of my neck and waited. Surely, this should help. They kept talking. I got pissed.

I squirted a puddle into the palm of my hand and began vigorously rubbing the oil on my arms, in my hair, on my legs. Maybe that’s the key…oil all over! (It’s an Ayurveda thing.)

This did not help. In fact, it made it worse. I started imagining the horrible things I would say to these women, if they spoke English. I assure you, they were not words of compassionate and enlightenment. There was a lot of profanity and (in my mind) the Chopra Center became a WWE wrestling match. (Not my finest moment, but thankfully all in my Pitta brain.)

Welp! The solution was clear. Essential oils and healing through smell are a lie! A farce to sell more oil!

I looked down at the bottle of evil oil and read…”Invigorating.” Oh shit. I bought the wrong oil.