I got 99 problems and my liver is one...#vodka

Have you ever had a Reiki healing? 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that unblocks stuck energy in your body. I think it's fascinating and recently completed my First Degree training. 

If you're in the Sacramento area I highly recommend Rachel at Internal Wisdom (Folsom.) 

So the scoop...she's in the middle of my session and she says, "Hmm. It feels like there is something going on in your liver." Damn, is she talking about the red wine and martini's. I stay quiet. (A skill I'm learning lately...less is more."

She continues, "Ancient Chinese medicine believes that we hold anger and resentment in our livers."

I laugh, a little. It was actually more of a dog whimper. Anger? Resentment? Me?

(Denial is my first response.) Nah, not me. My space is clear. 

(A look through the peephole is my next response.) Well, I dunno, maybe a little. I mean, he did cheat on me.  

(The Door opens. Watch out.) Yea, he did cheat on me, with a FOUR! She's a 4 on her best day, in the dark with a bag over her head! And yea, my mom left when I was 11. But, who cares. What 11 year old little girl needs her mom?!

Ok. Take a breath. Clearly this lady might be on to something.  

I agree to do a liver cleanse, thank her for her time and leave. (She never mentions martinis.) 

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I believe this whole heartedly. We hold stories, experiences and emotions in our bodies. They are stored there until we clear them. They limit our ability to live fully and vibrantly. We miss out on the full human experience until they are cleared. 

I've found clearing in a 12 step program (Codependents Anonymous), therapy, Reiki, yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. I've also found it in happy hours with friends, falling in love, 2 rescue dogs, long walks and long cries. We all clear them differently. Don't judge the process, just start it.